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How do we feel about the Bodyline Carousel JSK?

For anyone who hasn't heard, Bodyline's Carousel jumper skirt (is that the name that's been decided now?) is the hot thing to have:

I've been eying this JSK ever since I first saw it on Bodyline's Japan site. Really, I had no idea it would be such a huge hit when it transferred over to the English site. I've wanted this JSK forever now, but I'm a bit wary.
It's cute; yes, but it's also sold out even after numerous restocks. Everyone seems to have this. I don't really feel like having a dress which everyone else will have; it makes me feel like I'm just jumping on a bandwagon, that I won't really be seen as "Sweet Lolita", but a "Bodyline Bot".
I don't think anything should really stop me from buying this dress. I like it, and it's only $31 before $20 in shipping. But still...I'm not sure about it.
What is your personal opinion? Anything at all about it would be helpful. I haven't seen much commentary about it.

Sorry if this is a lame/insignificant post.
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