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Looking for information on a book~

 This is my first post, and though I have read the rules, I do hope this is right.
To clarify, this is not a post looking to find this item (or buy it), but if someone is selling it, don't hesitate to tell me! 

I'm not sure in what copies of the original Japanese version of The Gothic & Lolita Bible this feature was included in, but (for the English version) the first two volumes have a feature called "The Other Me Inside Myself". This is the little bit where the would have various visual-kei/J-rock artists dress as mythical creatures or something of the like (I'm sure most of you know, but just in case...also, I don't know if it's under that same name in the Japanese version). Anyway, in the English language volume two (the last time they included this feature), it said that they (I'm assuming the Japanese publisher) were going to put all the images together and come out with a hardcover book. 

If you haven't guessed, this is the book I am curious about! 

I have looked everywhere I can think of, and haven't found any leads, other than what is written in the Bible. My friend currently has my copy of volume two, so perhaps I have forgotten something else it says about the book, but I can't check to see if that's the case.

If anyone knows the name, publisher, or would be a great help! I am going to Japan in about a month, so I was hoping to get the information before I go so I can look around while I am there. If I can't find it, I was going to put in a book request with CDJapan, unless someone knows somewhere else I can get it. 

If worse comes to worse (though this isn't a bad situation, just an expensive and difficult one!), I was just going to try to find all the back issues of the Bible with this feature in them. Though I would vastly prefer owning the book! 

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and I apologize if it belonged in sales or somewhere else. I hope I got it right.

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