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Cyperous wig review

I bought a Cyperous wig and was asked to write a review

I've never ever bought a wig before, so I decided to buy one of the store's long curly wigs, for I only heard good things about them.
I ordered a blonde wig, one fishnet and one wig-stand (not sure if it's called that way, English isn't my mother-tongue, sorry)
the shipping was rather fast, about 10 days (which IS fast for the place where I live);
everything came neatly packaged in a cardboard box

24.76 КБ

they added 3 bonus fishnets and one bonus stand (I use the extra one for hats ^_^)

103.82 КБ

the wig itself

102.53 КБ

It is very pretty and comfortable to wear.
the picture of me wearing it (I haven't styled it yet here).

88.52 КБ

In fact, it DOES look and smell like a wig, but it looks like a very good one.
overall: 10/10
I simply love the wig and next time I will definitely buy another, probably a short one)

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