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QutieLand Problems

Hi, I've been having some problems with QutieLand and was wondering if a similar or the same thing has happened to anyone else:

In April I ordered this blouse:

I didn't hear from them at all after they asked my measurements, so I emailed them June, at the time I thought maybe they were just busy and really snowed under or something.

I got a reply saying that they had received the blouse but there was a problem with it and had to send it back, I felt it a bit odd that they didn't let me know, and when I asked if they had proof, maybe a photo or something they said no.

So with a friends help I opened a PayPal dispute, and magically the next day Qutieland emailed me saying that they have my item and it's ready to be shipped off, but they can't do it while the disputes open because it's against shop policies =S and that as soon as it's closed they will email me my shipping details.

I went onto PayPal and noticed that the dispute was never open (really don't understand PayPal XD) so I emailed Qutieland to tell them this, and I just haven't had a reply at all.

So what should I do? I've looked in the memories and can't find anything bad about them, so should I just wait to see if my item turns up, or ask for a refund? Or is there any other action I could take?
I got this blouse in oversize and black so it's a lot of money I really don't want to end up losing it =S
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