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Japan expo info request.....

Well, since the website is not helpful AT ALL, I'm here to ask info about Japan Expo....

My questions are:

-Do you know if Laforet stand will be there and how many brands will join?

-How to arrive to JE from Paris: I know I have to catch a train but I can't understand the station I have to stop in XD (this maybe looks kinda lame XD but it's the very firts time I get there and on the website, as I told before, there's a very few informations...)

-Who's going to attend JE and how many days will be there  ^__^?  (This is an "OT" question :P)

I hope this post will be fine ^^' it's 3 days that I'm looking for info around the internet (and egl too) but I can just find info on the 2009 edition ._______.

(OT question just because I'm here and I don't want to open 43050430605060506054704657370350 posts: I've read that on the 3rd July AP will open the Paris shop, but the address is NOT written on their website °____________° is there someone who knows where will it be? )



THANK YOU, and sorry for my (maybe?) too many questions >_<


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