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Review: an*tai*na tea party replicas & dollypoddle's service *edited*

*Edited Oct 4, 2011* This is waaaaay overdue, but please see my comment here regarding these shoe's sizing. Basically, don't use a conversion chart, use the measurement of your foot in centimeters. Mine ended up being too tight to walk long distances in, oops. Thanks!!

Hi guys, I just ordered some tea party replicas from an*tai*na's Love is Blind Taobao shop. I used dollypoddle's service and was very pleased :)

From the time I requested a price estimate on May 22nd, it took just a little over two weeks to get my shoes. It took about a week for the seller to ship the shoes to her. The shoes were shipped to me on June 3rd via air parcel (with a tracking number) and just arrived this morning. She has excellent and fast communication and is very clear on the fees and prices she charges. Her commission fee is very low for items under HKD$500, like $6, which is great! I highly recommend her service.

I'm also happy with the shoes!

They came shipped in this box (with plastic wrapping over it). Pretty basic.

Here they are! They are a very dark brown, so be forewarned. The pictures from the Taobao seller are pretty accurate.

The only thing I'm a *tiny bit* disappointed about is this little crimp at the toe as seen in the picture. The left shoe also seems to have one too but it's less noticeable. But it's not a huge deal, they're cheap shoes and I am satisfied :)

The back of the shoe has a soft fabric part which is nice.

I ordered them in a size 40 (I'm a US 8.5) and they fit great! They're not too tight at all even with socks on.
The heel and sole seem very sturdy. There are no major construction flaws, or minor ones really save for the crimp. However, I have owned Secret Shop tea parties and I will say that these an*tai*na ones aren't quite as nice. The overall "body" of the shoe isn't as stiff or sturdy as the SS ones, but it's not a deal-breaker. If you're looking for cheap tea parties, go for these ones. I would buy them again.

Thanks for reading and if you have any questions, go ahead and ask! Good night lolis~
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