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A question about Qutieland items, and bodyline shoe sizing (yeah I know >.<)

I really hate to have to post and ask about this, but I've been searching high and low and have found only minimal information.
I'd like to make an order from Qutieland, as well as get some shoes from Bodyline, but I don't yet feel completely confident and would like to get some feedback if possible...

EDIT: Okay, so it seems like with the Heart buckle shoes (shoes175), I should probably go with size 245, one size down from my actual foot measurement. I hope that will work!

So, I'd like to order the following from Qutieland:

Rose Melody rosa chandelier camisole (in black, custom size)

Infanta Spring whisper Alice JSK (In black, custom size)

Dream of Lolita window of Kitten skirt (black)

Now, all of this plus shipping comes to just over $200, which I think is an awesome price, considering I'll be wearing all of these mixed in with my own personal weird/casual style.
The only piece that I am ABSOLUTELY POSITIVE I want is the Camisole. It's so gorgeous looking and perfect <3
I've heard nothing but good things about Qutieland, so I'm not afraid of being ripped off or anything, but I just can't find any information on any of these items. Are they worth it? Is this the right place to buy these, or am I overpaying? Again, I hate having to make a post here asking, but if anyone owns these and could say a little something, or even better show what they look like worn, it would be SO much appreciated!

And now onto the bodyline shoe question...
I am in love with these shoes (Shoes175, black with black accents)

My feet measure almost exactly 25.5 cm from big toe to heel(I traced my foot onto paper and measured straight, if that matters...) and I wear a U.S. women's size 9 or so
I've heard some places that you should buy about 1cm bigger, sometimes about 1cm smaller... but I havent found any info about THESE shoes. Is the sizing accurate? Should I order 260 or 250? Or should I order these: (shoes123) in size 27?

AAH so many questions =( I've been looking all day but to no avail, so I very much hope you guys can ease some of my apprehension and make me more comfortable ordering!

Thank you so much for your time and if there's anywhere that I've missed in my searches please let me know!

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