insaneshadowfan (insaneshadowfan) wrote in egl,

My Lolita idol is none other than Andy Walsh in Pretty in Pink, played by Molly Ringwald.

Even though she doesn't have any money to buy brand name clothes, she shops at thrift stores and sews herself New Wave clothes.  And she always looks feminine and cute. ^_^  just look at that cute brooch on her blouse collar!

the People at her school call her a "mutant" for her interest in an alternative fashion and being different, and one girl makes fun of her for wearing tasteful pearls to a party instead of being trashy and drunk, but Andy shows them all by being completely fashionable and fabulous at prom in her bomb-ass dress she made herself.

The best revenge is looking good.

Plus, her story is incredibly sweet and has a truly happy ending, where Blane tells her that he always believed in her and loved her, and the resident bad boy Steff realizes that he could buy anything except a classy woman like Andy.  I may be in the minority, but I prefer the theatrical ending to the movie.  Duckie turns out to be a sweetheart at the end, but Andy and Blane belong together...he's her Prince!  Even though he bears a striking resemblance to an axolotl.

"His name is Blane.  He is SO beautiful...." (coughs) >_>

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