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Ongaku_Chan's Lolita Idols

Man, I haven't made a post on egl in a long time and this is just the cutest theme ever ~ 
Here are my idols. Some fictional and most are real ~

~ Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz
Representing the innocence and beginnings of adulthood in terms of ones mind, I think Dorothy is definitely an idol to behold in Lolita. Though most side with Alice, I'm definitely much more of a Dorothy fan to the deepest core. I may sometimes think otherwise of my home country, but this girl and the stories of Oz really make me proud to be an American, and an American lolita at that!

~ Zoey Deschannel 
Featuring a sort of old world charm, Zoey has all the aspects I look for in inspiration in anywhere in life, but just happens to fit Lolita so well. She has a great personality, voice and look that most stars have yet to top or achieve, in my book. Her old school ways really make her an idol to me. 

~ Leslie Caron
Leslie definitely did some very Lolita inspiring roles/choices, which I find to be very visually appealing. Gig was my first introduction to her, and ever since it's been a fashion/movie watching love affair. 

~ Belle from Jean Cocteu's Beauty and the Beast
Definitely my biggest influences that come into the majority of my lolita wardrobe come from this movie, mostly due to my love for Jean Cocteu's visuals, including his concept of Belle. Though not the brightest bulb of other versions, conceptually this is the most beautiful and well dressed Belle out of any other BATB you'll find. 

~ Mary Blair
Mary Blair is responsible for many things, including introducing me to art, along with giving me artistic inspiration. But most of all she created the colors and vivid images that I see when in lolita, and how the world really looks when giving the right frame of mind.

and finally...
Fredric March
Embracing all the charms of victorian men, Fredric March definitely represents an old school flair that just compliments Lolita so well, and in my mind, is a great goal to look for in your man and why he is definitely an idol to me in many respects. If you want to check him out in any of his movies, I recommend it!

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