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Chigothloli needs your artistic help!

Hi everyone! 

So, the Chicago Gothic & Lolita community is hosting a big meet up on July 24th. The point of this meet is to meet new lolitas or those who might be interested in the fashion to come and chat/hang out with us "oldies" so that they can learn more about the fashion, etc. It's a big informal informational meet, if you will.

Because the point of the meet is to meet strangers who might not have heard of the fashion before, but have an inherent affinity to frills and bows and lace, we're thinking of making fliers and putting them up at schools or libraries to try and get more "new audience".

Here's where you artistic lolitas come in: we need you to create an image for our flier! You can get more info regarding what we need on the flier in this post on egl_comm_art 

Thanks in advance!

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