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June Theme

One of the biggest fashion influence for me is Tamura Yukari. The first time I watched her on Youtube I was taken away by her cuteness and the fact that she was always smiling and seemed happy. I admire the way she evolved from sweet to casual and still pull off the look so well when she's 34. I aspire to be like her when I'm in my thirties. Not restricted by what society tells me I should be wearing, but wearing what I really like.

I admire Victoria Suzanne from Lolita charm and Miss Lumpy. Victoria Suzanne makes pink hair look normaI (I'm not saying pink hair should be abnormal but I always thought it would stand out in a weird way, but seeing her made me change my mind) Her posts are always fun and it's refreshing to see a blogger speak their mind without offending people.  I love the way Miss Lumpy mixes and maches pieces from different brand so that they seem like an entirely different outfit. One of my favorite co ordinate of her is the one where shes wearing the red bodyline skirt with a brown belt. I must admit, I've occasionally immitated her co-ords : )

Last but not least is Princess Skye. Her posts were inspirational, and reminded me of the things that I have been taught since I was young, such as being kind to others. Her poses in photoshoots were also beautiful and I always got the impression of her being a calm and sensitive person. I'm normally very emotional and lose my temper easily so I look up to people who are calm.
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