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Please vote for my design over at Threadless! :)


A long while ago I made an art post, mentioning I might be posting the above design over to Threadless, because they have very little, if any, loli-friendly designs. A lot of girls seemed interested, so I'd like to say that I finally got around to sprucing it up a bit and submitted it.

It is now up for voting! :D Click here to vote.

You'll need to sign up to Threadless to vote.

Also, I am holding a raffle to help encourage votes, and to spread the word!

When you vote, please also comment (anything will do; like that you like the design, the score you gave it, if you'd buy it, etc), and then get back over here and comment over at this entry or PM me (tell me your username at threadless if it's different than the one here) so I know you did!
Checking off the "I'd buy it as a tee", also helps.
If you vote and comment, you'll receive 1 'ticket'. When this is all over, if my design wins, I'll be drawing names so you guys can have the chance to win a variety of stuff. The more tickets you earn, the better your chances of winning!

To earn tickets you can:
- Vote+comment on Threadless = 1 ticket
- Feature this in your own journal = 1 ticket
- Spread the word to other sites, such as your twitter, blog, facebook, etc. Each site you post to earns you an additional ticket!

To be qualified for 'promoting' me, please include the link to the design on threadless in your post.
In addition, you can also use any of these images: Standard Banner, small Animated Banner, and a Full Size version.

You're free to use these however you like, as long as they're for promotional use. (and not for any monetary gain lol)
If you'd prefer a specific size or dimension, let me know! I'd be happy to make one for you. :'D
Also, remember to tell me + link to whatever site/your journal here you posted this to so I know you did. If it's friends-locked, you can always screen-cap it for me. :)
I know there are a lot of lolita blogs out there, and so I'd really really appreciate your support!

"That's all fine and dandy HCI, but tell us what we can win already!"

These are the prizes that are up for grabs in the raffle:

- 1 fullbody, full colour, commission
- 1 chibi, full colour commission
- 50 high quality lolita stickers designed by me (5 winners)
- 1st: 20 stickers
- 2nd: 10 stickers
-3rd: 10 stickers
- 4th: 5 stickers
- 5th: 5 stickers
- 10 random acrylic lolita phone charms designed by me (6 winners)
-1st: 3 charms
- 2nd: 2 charms
-3rd: 2 charms
- 4th,5th,6th: 1 charm each
- 2 of any t-shirt from Threadless of your choosing (2 winners; 1 shirt each)

I will be paying for any and all shipping where applicable.
So that's a chance of 15 winners! If I get a lot of voters, I'll start adding more prizes. :)

The only catch is that my design MUST win, so please spread the word! Voting is only 7 days long, so hurry!


How can you resist that? XD
(All profits go towards finding a cure for her dwarf'd hands and feet.)

Also, I might not be able to keep up and reply to everyone, but know that your vote and support is being counted and is highly appreciated(I'm using a spreadsheet to keep organized, haha)!

Thank you so much, and if you have any questions, let me know, thanks! I'd be completely thrilled if I won, but I can't do it without your help. :)

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