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Fayetteville, Arkansas Rollerderby Lolita Meet-up

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Hello there lovelies! I made a post awhile back asking if there were any Arkansas lolita's who would be interested in doing a meet up with me, a northcarolinian who is visiting the state for the summer. A few girls responded so I am posting an actual meet-up idea to see if those girls and maybe a few others would be interested. Details are under the cut.

One of the girls who responded said that she will be in Fayetteville, AR for a rollerderby tournament and would love to see some lolitas in the audience, and I've always wanted to see a rollerderby tournament, so I decided to put a meet-up together.

So here are the deats!

The tournament is Saturday June 19th (not this Saturday, but the next) at 1 pm at the Starlight Skatium. The price is $10 in advance or $15 at the door. Here is the website for all the info.

Since the tournament starts at 1, I figured those of us who decide to go could meet up for lunch before hand. I'm open to any food suggestions not being from the state and rarely going into Fayetteville. I think a sandwich place would probably be the best option, but I'm open to any other suggestions. The tournament does not end at a specific time as far as I can tell, so when you leave would be up to you. I will not be able to stay much later then five most likely, but if enough of us are interested, we could possibly grab a bite of dinner together afterwards as well.

So would anyone be interested? (P.S. I plan to cross post this to centre loli as soon as I am approved membership.)

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