chandni_sky (chandni_sky) wrote in egl,

Simple and Pink?

 Hello lovelies 

            I'm trying to consider what I would like to look for in my next OP or JSK, and I'm feeling very *pinky* ~ I was wondering if I could gather some help in identifying (by way of suggestion) pink one pieces and/or JSK's. I like prints, so those are still welcome, but to narrow the search down I'm more or less aiming for prints without too much going on, or no print at all. 

*Simply pink (pink+white or with small details is okay. Overall color, definitely pink)
*One piece or JSK
*High waisted is good, as well ~ but not a must

I keep seeing pieces like this, but can't seem to track them down and locate the names. I believe most I've fallen for in this type are Baby.  I'm having trouble, but I really would love a piece like this D; please help ? ? 
Tags: *baby the stars shine bright, garment: dresses, request: information
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