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Photo Post: Lolita in my country

Hello ladies;

I've been seeing all the beautiful communities you all have around the globe because of the last loliday, so I wanted to share with you the lolita coomunity here. we're a group of lolita friends that like to gather together, have tons of fun and explain what lolita is about as it's very unique here (btw, I'm peruvian).

We call our group Lolimafia, because we feel like a family that protects everyone's back, we try to always be there for the others not because of lolita, but because we know each other for more than 4 years now and we are really good friends. We're more than 20 but it's really hard to meet all because of classes, work and personal schedules. However time to time we make big meets.

Anyway, because of Versailles comming to Perú, a magazine made a little article about the fans and we had to be there!! They mention a little about lolita and soon we will appear in another important magazine with a lolita special (mags here really love how we look and what's the tendence about)

(nuria - malu - ximena - bianca (one of my best friend, I've met so nice people because of lolita!!) - me)

Then, of course we celebrate the Loliday last weekend. we went to Barranco, a lovely district in Lima with a lot of antique buildings, gardens and art in the air~! A brazilian reporter made a little video of us (well, of me, the others were talking so... someone had to do it xD). My skirt was a bit short, it's when i was smaller...... but I love that sk so much ;_;

(malu's boyfriend - malu - brenda - vanessa - sue - fabiola - kath - me (vale) and my lovely chihuahua pinky)

well, to end a pic of the mayority *----*

from top to bottom
1st line: Eli (red), Marisa hugging Xime, Shei (pink), Bianca (black), Sue (blue), Antu (yellow)
2nd line: xime 2, me, vane, kath, malu, carmen
3rd line: maria claudia, mayra and nuria.

Hope everyone had a really sweet loliday!! :3
bye bye~

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