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Photo Post: the Lolita day in Sweden (Stockholm)

Sorry about the late post I had some problems and not enough time to post this until now but now I shall not be more off topic!

In celebration of the International Lolita day we lolitas in stockholm decided to go to a place called Skansen where you can pet animals and walk around in historical enviroments and be super swedish lol

A old school we visited
After we had walked around for a while we found an old school where we learned how it was waaay back in the day and it was pretty fun actually to I think most of our skirta were pretty squashed in those small seats.

We also took a groupshot.... one of many
and outfit posts

↑ Me (in black) and my friend Mia (in white ) ↑ went exploring so we missed a part of the meet-up but it was fun so while we are in on outfit pictures lets post the others!
Unfortunally I don't know their LJs so i'm just gonna let them name them selfs if they wish.
She was the one who put this meet-up togheter :D  
  I just love melty chocolate!!

After whe ahd rested our feet we want to the stage and got an oppertunity to be photografed with the millitary which was hillarious in so many ways

My conclution is that we had so much fun that we forgot to take pictures ... well exept these but after some had gone home and we who stayed kept on resting our feet from out heels we managed to take some photos next to the epic carousel.

I got the pictures from the very lovely Andrea (she in the red hair and purple blu-is x black dress)

If any of you do not wish to have their picture here plz contact me and I'll remove it :3

Exuse my bad english.
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