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Lolita idols

Lets do a theme post! Pictures under the cut!

Frida Kahlo Pictures, Images and Photos

Frida Kahlo! Awesome lady who was an awesome artist. She also had an awesome fashion sense. There's a great few books on it and some have great photos of her collection of clothing. I still want to do Frida Kahlo lolita , and I will do it soon!

courtney love Pictures, Images and Photos

Courtney Love! I know, I know, everybody hates Courtney Love because, to be frank, she's sort of a hot mess at times. But wouldn't you be if you're husband killed himself and you already had serve depression? When she's sober (which is more often then people think) she makes great music and has a great sense of style. I don't dress much like Courtney Love anymore, as my style has drifted from that, but she will always be a strong lady that I love.

And last, but maybe most important:

Blackadder Pictures, Images and Photos

Blackadder! Smart, always had a cunning plan, and a snappy dresser! Blackadder is the kind of person anybody can look up to in any part of life. So of course he is my lolita idol. Actually, in all seriousness, Blackadder is more of an idol when it comes to attitude. It takes a lot of guts to dress like a frilly victorian girl, and Blackadder had that, so he makes a good idol in that way too.

So those are my idols. I realize I have some pretty unusual people on my list (or maybe I don't, lets see!), so I'm wondering, do any of you have unusual idols?
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