lavender_mousse (lavender_mousse) wrote in egl,

Themed Post: My Idol*

My Idol is Elizabeth I because she acomplished so much when all odds were against her. She had a rough childhood, her dad (Henry the 8th or Henry VIII) had her mother beheaded when she was only three, was deemed a "basterd" by the Imperial Ambassador(before she toke the throne of course), she studied languages from the age of four, became fluent in French, Italian, Latin, and Greek. She even wrote a whole book to her father in flawless english when she was only 12!  anyways she triumped over many obsticals,brought peace to a religously torn country , and while most others were handed their crown on a silver plate Elizabeth I got hers through courage and wit and that's why she is my Idol (^_^)
Tags: theme: june
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