HeadlessDoves (headlessdoves) wrote in egl,

My Lolita Idol

So after a lot of thinking, I realized that my idol is obviously Kaya! I've been a fan of his music for a couple years now, and after seeing his music video for "Chocolat", I was completely in love. To me, he has an unmatched sense of style. His outfits are always elegant, yet extravagant. It's obvious he like to try new things and play with his image. When I saw him live last year, he was always going offstage to change outfits. One minute, a cute yukata dress, the next, pants with a billowing coat. I think he was trying to show that beauty knows no gender, a concept very important to me. It's obvious he does his best to make a connection with his audience (and succeeds!).

I think the way he tries to make everything beautiful ties into Lolita very well. We all connect with each other through a similar aesthetic, a common interest in beauty. In an interview, he said: "the basis of beauty begins with never losing dignity." This couldn't be truer for Lolita! As many of us know, it can take some courage to wear these outfits in public, and we do anyway :D

Ok, I'm done :)
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