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refried papermache

more twitter...

I created a lolita twitter list for those with twitters, currently I have:

- Kira Imai
- Aoki Misao
- Chantilly
- New Alantis (indies accessory)
- Excentrique
- CC shinjuku
- CC harajuku goth
- CC harajuku lolita
- SES_sinc_ shop (h.naoto)
- SixH (h.naoto)
- hangry&angry (h.naoto)
- Alice DECO magazine
- Tokyo Decadence (event)
- Lumibre (indies parasol shop)

.... etc etc. I will keep adding to the list if I find more twitter accounts. It's pretty decent since they give real-time updates (especially for Closet Child) which are not posted on their website or blog.

You can follow the list here:

*please do not add me directly but follow the list instead.

OK have fun! :D

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