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Loliday in Peru

Hi everyone~ Hope you all had a happy lolita day >w<

So here in Lima - Peru (southamerica) there's a rather small lolita community named Creamette, & I'm kinda like the owner (?)

And for loliday, we went to "Centro Histórico de Lima" (Historical Center of Lima), wich is one of the most important turistical places in Peru :')

We were near the "San Martin Square" and the "Lima's Cathedral"

Here some pics:

me in my awfully uglyness (?)

The dress was entirely handmade by me e________e
I think it's inspired on innocent world & victorian maiden dresses .w.
And yes, I know, I should wear a better and frillier petticoat  x_x

Claudia in her beautiful pink polka dots dress (we don't remeber if it's a Baby replica or an AP replica)

Moon trying to break in the Cathedral xD Love her RH

Me, Claudia & Moon

Sakurajei & Hiromi (i love sakurajei's socks and scarf ;w; & Hiromi's Meta skirt >0<)

I don't know why we don't have a groupal pic but who cares xDU

We had a lot of fun that day *w* We gave and interview to a local anime group, some girls took picture of us for their fashion blog and we ate hamburguers at McDonalls xD... so yeah, it was a good day *w*♥♥♥

Enjoy!♥ Bye nOn

Pd: omg i forgot to tell that this is my first post on egl, so welcome me!! :'D
And in case you haven't notice yet (?) I'm from Peru :'DDD 

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