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Fantaisies dans le Monde des Reves - Panel Q&A

For those people that missed out on "The View" panel with the guest designers during the Fancy French Event, a few of us took notes, pictures, and video to share with everyone that couldn't make it.

Fancy French Event Panel Q&A

As transcribed by frozenemotion9, deadxcandy, and xbiteyourtongue.

*Please note that these answers may not be word-for-word but the general meanings are expressed. Shorthand notes were taken during the panel and then the answers have been elaborated based on those notes, what video we were able to record, and memory. There may be a few questions and answers that are not included in these notes. The size of the photos is intentional to show detail. Apologies in advance for the poor sound quality in the video files.*

Before the questions, introductions of the guests were done.

Maki and Asuka: Angelic Pretty Designers
Sachi and Yuka : Kokusyoku Sumire (music band)
Yuko-san:  Manager of the Atelier Pierrot in LaForet, niece of the designer, representing Atelier Pierrot
Fumiko-san: Chantilly Designer
Lynleigh Sato: Sweet Rococo Designer 

From left to right: Fumiko-san, Yuko-san, Yuka, Sachi, 1/2 of Asuka. (Lynleigh was seated to the left of Fumiko except my photo was blurred so it isn't shown- sorry!)


From left to right: 3/4ths of Yuko-san, Yuka, Sachi, Asuka, and Maki.


01) Question: What is the concept behind your brand/music?
Angelic Pretty
Angelic Pretty’s concept is that when you are a little girl everyone wants to be a princess. Our inspiration is to make the little girls dream dress that we all want to wear. 

Kokusyoku Sumire
Yuka (vocals / accordion / piano) and Sachi (violin / piano):
Concepts: With our music, we often go back to our childhood and the emotions we felt that came from books, our treasure box, or our one special toy. We also often derive ideas from story books. 

Hi, my name is Yuko. The concept for Atelier Pierrot is medieval times Europe.  The concept is to actually get the line of the person who is wearing it to their most beautiful style. If you wear the upper corset it brings out the line. 



Fumiko-san (representing Chantilly)

Hello, my name is Fumiko. I am Chantilly’s designer. My concept is very kawaii / so cute. I make anything that is cute to me and put it on my designs. 


Lynleigh Sato  (representing Sweet Rococo)
Incomplete answer: Our concept is a sweet lolita style that is customizable.
02) Question: Describe what you are were wearing. 
Angelic Pretty
Maki: Today I am wearing Wonder Cookie, which was based the adventures of Alice in Wonderland.
Asuka: Today I'm wearing Milky Berry, which includes motifs with strawberries. The series officially goes on sale in Japan starting today (May 29th).


Our costumes represent the stars and the moon, from our second album. 


I am wearing a cage skirt outfit with corset. In the time of Marie Antoinette the cage is usually worn underneath the dress, but in this case is worn outside the skirt.

Today I'm wearing a cute, more casual striped one piece. With the pannier it has a fuller silhouette, without a pannier is has a flatter line and a more casual style. I like to make dresses that can be worn in multiple ways. 
Sweet Roccoco

I'm wearing my own custom design with strawberry print. 


03) Question: What event instigated your interest in lolita? What drew you to the style of lolita? 
Asuka:  I don't know. I  just started wearing it. I gradually picked up pieces that were lolita and eventually it finalized into lolita style.

Maki: When I was little, I always loved to read princess books and loved cute things. 

Sumire: There was no particular event, but our clothes gradually became lolita. 

Yuko-san: Before, I was into gothic trends and I used to wear all black. I wore more black because it made me look skinnier and then I started to wear corsets for that reason as well. 

Fumiko-san: When I was small, my mother used to make clothes for me and I used to get my picture taken all the time and was told I was cute. So now I make my own clothes. 

Sweet Rococo: I started cosplaying and was introduced to lolita that way. 

 04) Question: What is your dream design? 
Maki: I want to design a cookie print dress that has real cookies on it (much like the Wonder Cookie print) that I can pick off and eat. 

Asuka: When I design a dress I need to start with a blank slate. I craft all of my prints in clay first. My dream dress would be for me to be able to take my model and put it directly on the dress.  

Sachi: In this case what kind of music does she wish she could make. I want to make clones of myself so I can play music as an orchestra and utilize all of my musical talents. 

Yuka: I would want to make a Marie Antoinette dress. When opened, it would reveal a working merry-go-round. But, it is very expensive to create. 

Yuko-san:  Something based on Addams Family, like the mother (Morticia), who has a Dracula style and something that's very sexy. 

Fumiko: I want to make something like Doraemon’s pocket. That way I can pull out whatever type of beautiful dress I want to wear that day. 

Sweet Rococo: Indestructible fabric that doesn’t stain, wrinkle, tear, etc. 

05) What is your favorite food to eat in the U.S.?
Maki: Cupcakes with neon colors on it (like the one on Whip Magic) .

Asuka: Hamburgers. In Japan it's usually half the size, the hamburgers here are huge, so I often take pictures of them. The drinks here are huge too (twice as big). 

Sachi: Cake (which is also very big here!). Note: One cake slice in the US is about 3 times the size of a slice of cake in Japan. 

Yuka: Clam chowder in San Francisco. We travel a lot, so I often ask what the specialty is in the area and right now I like clam chowder. 

Yuko-san: Sushi from the supermarket. In Japan my favorite food is sushi and when I came here I saw sushi in the supermarket but they looked completely different. So when I got it, I thought to myself, “What is this?!” However, I ended up really liking it. Note: the California roll was not created in Japan, it has sesame and avocado. 

Fumiko: Ice cream, especially Cold Stone. Note: Cold Stone didn't come to Japan until about 2 years ago, but its portion size is only half the size it is here in the U.S. 

Sweet Rococo: (Question has been changed due to the designer’s origin. Since she grew up in the US she said her favorite Japanese food.) My favorite food is yakisoba and my mother-in-law's cooking, especially taro. 

After this question the panel was wrapped up as our alotted time in the room was over.

The End :)
We hope you enjoyed this post!


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