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Last night, my husband and I went to a coffee shop for game night and played Monopoly ("Cane-opoly.") It got me wondering-there are so many versions of the game; I've seen some dedicated to specific colleges, Dog-opoly, Horse-opoly, SpongeBob-opoly.

What if there was Loli-opoly? The tokens/player pieces could be a teacup, a headbow, a mini tophat, and a Macaron. The houses could be online sellers and the hotels would be the stores. Instead of Park Avenue and such, the streets could be the stores, like AP, BtSSB, Meta, etc. and their various locations. Finally, with the Chance and Community chest, you could have something like, "scammer-lose a chance, and give the bank $300 in overdraft fees," or "you won Milky Planet JSK DA on the comm_sales, advance to AP Paris," and "PayPal dispute in your favor, collect $100," or something silly like that.

What would you add? Discuss :)

(Please note, this is meant to be a light hearted and fun discussion, so if you think this is dumb, don't take it too seriously.)

Ok, so this is what we have so far. Keep them coming:

Tokens/Player pieces:
TeaParty Shoe

Gothic Cross
Mini Tophat
VW Logo

Houses and Hotels
Iron Gates and Castles
Cake slices and Cake
Teacups and TeaPots

Jail (banned)
You were outed as a scammer, or a shoddy seamstress
You were found to be racist and hateful on <lj user="loli_secret">
You were GTFO'd on <lj user="getoffegl">
You repeatedly keep trying to trade your Ita crap on someone else's sales post

You spilled Soy Sauce on a borrowed OP, give $50 to each player
Your Meta Swan Lake's JSK's colors ran in the wash, $75 for dry cleaning
$300 in Overdraft fees, lose a turn
You were GTFO'd on <lj user="getoffegl">, lose a turn
Someone posted a secret about you, give each player $10 hush money
Blacklisted, go to Jail
Your sockpuppet account was outed, lose 2 turns
The Dream JSK you bought off the comm_sales community is not in the perfect condition you were promised; it's full of stains and tears.  Go back 3 spots.
Pay the bank $25 for Customs Fees
You won the opportunity to meet Mana, advance to Go and collect $200
Your family just gave you your dream dress, advance to the nearest location of the brand it is
You got a Lucky Pack, advance to the nearest Shinkansen

Loli Pirate Chest
You won a DA, collect $25
Free accessory with your purchase, collect $50
Paypal Dispute in your favor, win a turn
You were selected to model a piece at a Loli Fashion show at a con, collect $5 per player for tickets
You won a Romantic Dinner with Mr. Yan, advance to Bodyline Ave.

Streets and Aves
Brands and their locations (or collections, such as AP Sugary Carnival, Melty Chocolate, or Meta's Crown Label, etc.)

(or ShinKansens XD)
These would be the common loli styles, like Goth, Sweet, Classic and Sailor

Credit Card Bills
Dry Cleaning Bills

Shipping and Customs Fees

The purpose of the game is to own as much brand with as many Castles as possible in the end.
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