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International Loli Day in Budapest

We had a small meet-up on 5th of june , and I'd like to share some photos with you. Since one of us (Gigi) had birthday a day before, we also had a birthday party!

A Cocoa-cola cake and a Baby bag shaped cake with raspberry filling. And of cause the sandwiches!

Girls arriving to the party :)

Our birthday girl!

We went to a nearby church to have a mini photoshoot...

All of us :)

Loo, Enshu, Orsusz

Elyon, Gigi, Nekohime

Nekohime (on the right) and myself (in flamingo pink)

Taking photo of taking photo... :D

Miku and Sayuichi

Kishi and Momo-chan

It was really hot, so it felt good to stand in the shades.

Girls running wild...

And a bonus shot...

Thanks for watching! Happy loliday to everyone!

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