maggietheloud (maggietheloud) wrote in egl,

Theme Post-- Almost.

The theme involves 'idols,' and at the moment I don't have any affecting my style.  My inspiration does come from people, however-- obnoxious anime nerds who don't speak Japanese.  When an American says "kawaii," they don't fully
pronounce the a or double-i sound, and it comes out more like kowai, which means scary.  My style blends kawaii with kowai, girly barettes with black jackets like this one (I'm the second from the left).  While I don't wear lolita all that much(yet), my clothes have a mild lolita influence, like the lace that the photo doesn't really show on that jacket. 
So, I am influenced by people, but I don't idolize anyone fashion-wise, nor do I wear bonnets.

Wy idol is my cousin Karl Taro Greenfeld, who was once the editor of Time Asia and has written a few books on the subcultures, underworld, and corruption of Asia, particularly Japan and China.
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