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Bodyline Shoes

I'm planning on ordering the bodyline shoes 190 tomorrow in all white. www.bodyline.co.jp/bodyline/showProduct.asp
And before I made my decision on the shoe size (I'm an american 6 1/2, and 23.5 in centimeters as said on converse, but around 22.5 cm when I measure), I wanted to ask everyone who had these shoes if they could review them for me. I have done a search, but it was half and half on people saying to get either a half centimeter larger/smaller and a very few number of people saying that the size was dead on.
This will be my first pair of lolita shoes, and I want them to fit me just right, so I'm only taking an extra step of precaution.
How comfortable are they? What size do you wear and what size did you get in these shoes? And can you send any pictures of what they look worn (I couldn't find any good pictures)?
Thank you in advance :)
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