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Japan Day

Japan Day @ Central Park
We were twins :D
Its littlemissnyx & me  

Here we have dokidokidex, icydawn, sailorearth89, myself and littlemissnyx

Wearing Metamorphose

Wearing Putumayu

Me twinning with Littlemissnyx
Wearing Putumayu as well
&  a Btssb parasol

This is icydawn 
Wearing handmade clothing! So awesome!
I loved her headbow with veil

This is Nina (LJ??)
Wearing a Bodyline Waloli
Soo cute

This is Merry (LJ??)
Also in Waloli
Not sure of brand though 

This is dokidokideux 
Wearing In the starlight and Secret Shop w/ AP Parasol

Tokyo Fashion Festa was there too, small fashion show though

There were food stands like the Udon Noodles, Sushi Poppers and more like Gyoza Dumplings, Rice Crackers, Chow Mein & Miso Soup but the lines were about an hour long but i was able to get these two!

Lol it was fun, the last pic was random, thats my younger sisi in the Pikachu kigurmi, I dont know why but everyone was asking if they could pull her tail XD

Thanks for looking :) 


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