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Completely random question today...I was just lusting over AP's milky berry OP, when I noticed the ties that are attached on each side of the neckline, cross in the front, and are tied at the back of the neck. I wasn't really surprised since many lolita OPs with square or rounded necklines (as opposed to high collars) have these ties.

Just have a look through AP's Onepiece category: and you'll notice that many dresses have them. But AP aren't the only ones to use this design detail, I have a couple of Baby dresses that have them as well.
Now, I can't think of any purpose they could have aside from looking pretty and adding a visual point of interest to an otherwise bare neckline, but it still seems like a rather random detailing.
Where does this "tradition" come from? I can't think of any historical garment that featured these ties (but then I'm no expert on the history of fashion!), so what's the inspiration for this? Pintucks, puffed sleeves, pleats, etc are frequent in lolita and nothing new in the world of fashion as a whole, but this just seems like it comes outta nowhere. Is it a japanese thing? Anyone know more?

Yeah, this post is kinda pointless, I'm just bored and curious :p
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