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lolita idols

Well, I can name a few of my fashion idols, but none of them are actual lolitas or involved with the lolita fashion style. I've only been interested/involved with lolita for a little over a year now, so I don't really know many lolita icons, and the ones I do know of don't really inspire me. But the following people definitely inspire my fashion sense in a many ways.

1. Audrey Hepburn
She was elegant, graceful, gracious, and extremely talented. I don't really dress like her, but her style is always inspiring to me.
2. Sarah from 'The Labrinth'
She only wears three outfits the entire movie, but I love every single one. Especially the big, poofy, white and silver gown and the hair that came with it.
3. Iona from 'Pretty in Pink'
While I like Molly Ringwald's style in this movie and admire her spirit, it's Iona's (Annie Potts) wild and crazy sense of style that really grabs me. You never see her in a similar outfit the entire film, and each outfit she does wear is completely wild and fun.

So those are three of my top style icons.
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