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Lolita in a PitBull clip O_o ?

Hey Girls !

This is my first post on egl so, please, delete it if it's not ok ! I searched in the memories but not found anything.

Ok, I was watching the clip of "All Night Long" (PitBull feat. Alexandra Burke) when I saw a Japanese girl who seams to wear Lolita at 1:15 and we see her again at 1:36 :

At first, I tought it was Maki, but in the "Behind the scene", we learn that her name is Masao (if I understood, American accent is hard to understand u_u). And we can see that is not really Lolita, but "inspired".

Mmmh, I know it's not a useful topic, but I just wanted to know what you, girls, think about that. Personally, I like the song, and I think more Lolitas must have fun like this. Here is the clip if you want to watch it :
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