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Lolita craft exchange anyone?

I haven't seen any Lolita craft exchanges for a while. So I thought I would take matters into my own hands and start one up!
Thank you all that signed up!

(US Only sorry ladies! Unless some one is willing to send out side of the US. If that is the case, then note that in your comment.)

1. Comment if you want to be apart of this. I will then pair you up with the next person or person before.

2. The things you send must be homemade or something that was altered, it MUST have that craft feel to it. (Bows, Necklaces, handbag, deco, etc.)

3. Keep in touch with your partner! PM them and ask what they like, and get their addresses. DO NOT send something out before the other person does. This is so that we don't have "Well they never sent it out, but I did" Also take a pictures of it and send it to your partner. This is so that they know whats going on.

4. Don't send anything out that YOU wouldn't want. Some people put their heart and soul into something and don't want to get something that's... well crap, for a lack of better words. PLEASE BE SEROUS ABOUT THIS!

5. You must take a picture (or scan it) of the receipt that you get when you mail it out! This is so that we dont have heart breaks and dissapointment.

Dead line for sign up - Sat. June 12, 2010
Dead line for mailing things out - Thursday July 15, 2010

(Gives you a month to get things done. If there is a problem with the date, talk to your partner and work something out.)

If you have any questions, or would like to switch partners, please PM me.

trinity_winters & tsu_nanashi
amaloli_kawaii & madaka_jmjd
oxxcyanidexxo & usagi13chan (Me)
miyuki418 & mmonmann
catnapcaps & cakealamode
bigbad88 & panda_yay
gelatinoussugar & bloodywaffles
lemontree11 & xmordecaix
emi_san  & jessy_fran
cinnamonsugar  & petite_berri
sweetphaex & serepuff
xochismallbear & oohsupercilious
violet_bayou & deadtree
firetigersoul & lolicaor805
osakanat & wonderfinch
gamachii & lolieien
akaanika  & kendrinsane
smilelaughcry  & authenticalice
j9isawesome  & Me (Again XD )

**I will be on and off the rest of the week end and out of town for two days (Mon. & Tues.), dont worry I will get you added ^.^

*EDIT- June 5, 2010*


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