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Theme post - Bonnets!

Hi EGL! I make hats, and bonnets are one of my favorite things to make.

I am pretty much a full time milliner, and have a fully stocked studio in my... living room (ha)! So far, all of my bonnets have been the "half bonnet" style because I can't give up my huge hair. I'm playing around with a few new styles though!

This past March I made some hats for the Dances of Vice: Wonderland In Spring event/fashion show in NYC.

This bonnet was part of the show:

There were influences of both mori (branches, leaves, deer, mushrooms) and deco (dotted tulle, rhinestones).

Buckram and wire construction, covered entirely with silks, and sewn completely by hand. I make all my own patterns.


This bonnet was made for Shien Lee, the promoter of Dances of Vice:

(Photo by Scoundrelle's Keep)

(Photo by Arsenic and Old Lace)

Covered in rust orange velveteen with black accents. I hand pleated pretty much all of the trim.


I made this bonnet last winter. It was the first one I made with this pattern and the point was to use up all the odds and ends I had in my trim stash. That's why there's four/five different types and shades of antique and vintage lace on it. I don't mind it - I think it gives it a nice Victorian doll feel. The fabric is silk, all hand pleated in the front.

The last picture is a quick picture I took of myself, with no makeup and wearing a wifebeater, just to see how it looked on me, proportionally. I threw it up on Deviantart and it got a daily deviation... of course it had to be THAT picture, haha! I think I look like a cat being dressed up, lol!


This one I made for a special project. I call it the "pop" bonnet because of the graphic details in the trims (stripes, polka dots). It has a slightly smaller brim than the other two.

I make all sorts of different sizes and styles of hats and crowns, here are some of the more lolita ones:

I post all the new stuff on my Facebook page and my Deviantart.

Thanks for taking the time to look at my work. I hope you like it!
Tags: garment: headwear, theme: june
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