Am I infamous yet? (ragnarok_hound) wrote in egl,
Am I infamous yet?

Who are my lolita style icons?

Hmmmm...I guess I'd have to say:

*Gackt, because even now that he is no longer with Malice Mizer, he and his clothing still inspires me (that one magazine where he was in both an h.naoto outfit and the pure white Jesus outfit have inspire MANY outfits of mine). And I want his jewelery. HDARTS! DARK SIDE INHABITANTS! OMNOMNOM *.*

*Mana (generic though my choice may be), because even though I have no hope in hell of fitting into or affording his clothes, it was seeing him in Malice Mizer's videos that first alerted me to lolita. I'm pretty sure that without him, a hell of a lot of girls would have absolutely no idea the style existed. I've longed to have lashes and hair like that ever since I first saw him in the PV's for Beast of Blood and Shiroi.

*Oscar Wilde, my Victorian dandy style idol. He was truly a fantastic creature and deserved a much better end than he got. Lordikins, he was so fancy and smart and funny! With all his sunflowers and ruffles and darling curly hair...
And he was played by Stephen Fry in "Wilde", which multiplies his hold over my heart x1,000,000. *.*

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