Aliki (alice_ciel) wrote in egl,

Angelic Pretty jsks fitting advice?

I know there was a question a while ago about taller girls wearing AP, but my question is slightly different. Well maybe not really one question, as much as one dilemma for which any suggestions, ideas etc. would be appreciated.

I am not particularly tall (5'6") but my torso is longer than it should be. It is not something that is noticeable when I look at myself but I found out while getting fitted for other stuff. I recently got my AP Wondercookie and even though I fit the measurements (B 36,5" W 29") it looks quite unflattering on me. I am still in the process of losing weight, but the main reason is that  the waist sits much higher than my natural waist, where my ribcage is the widest (32").

Is there any way to remedy this? Is it worth altering or do I just suck it up and wear it? The buttons on the straps can be moved a bit but that is less than an inch. I thought about making it into a halter by joining the straps, but I am afraid that this, together with bringing the waist down, will bring the whole jsk down and look weird under the arms and very low at the back.

I was wondering if any of you had similar problems, or use any tricks to make AP look more flattering or had altered an AP dress successfully / unsuccessfully for a similar purpose. Any advice would be much appreciated! :D
Tags: *angelic pretty, discussion: size in lolita, garment: dresses, request: advice
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