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Whatever happened to Momo's Fairytale World?

I know a lot of you don't care for Momo's Fairytale World on ebay, so if that's you, please kindly exit the thread :] It's just an update on their status.

But for those of you who are interested, I hopped on ebay a few weeks ago and found that they're no longer a registered member of eBay O-O I don't know when they unregistered, and I certainly don't know why. I'm guessing that selling lolita dresses just wasn't making enough profits for them, maybe?

What's kind of interesting is that through some light digging, I found this store called VictorianChoice2009 that has dresses that are very similar to the dresses Momo's used to make...except the dresses in VictorianChoice2009 are all gown-length! Examples: 1 2 Maybe they figured the dresses will sell better if they targeted Ren folks instead of lolitas? Lol.

Just thought I'd share this with some of you. I'm actually kinda sad that Momo's not around anymore :/ They had dresses at the same price as Milanoo but slightly more reliable quality. O well! 
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