lolipop32 (lolipop32) wrote in egl,

Any Small Lolita Designers In Southern California?

I've been wondering if there are any small aspiring lolita designers in Southern California, because I have also been thinking about organizing a small Lolita fashion show along with other lolitas. Maybe display some of their fashions, and dresses. If there are enough designers, than there is a possibility to make a small fashion show in Southern California, and invite as many lolitas as we can. Afterwards, than the designers can sell the gorgeous clothing that they made! Any ideas, or thoughts? No harsh criticism about the thought though. >.< I just remembered that the Pepsi or Coca Cola is donating money to small designers, and it would be perfect for the possibility of a fasion show
Tags: discussion: locations in lolita, discussion: lolita sightings/roll call
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