Miss Amani (amanikitty) wrote in egl,
Miss Amani

NYC Picnic postponed!

Because of "weather predictions" of rain and thunderstorms (hawwww, because we all know it'll probably break out in sunshine last minute), I'm postponing the meetup to next Saturday, June 12th. Sorry for the late notice, I was waiting till 8-9, hoping that the weather forecast would change. Apparently not.

As much as I didn't want to move the meet, I didn't want to take any chance and end up wasting food. And, unfortunately, New York City sucks for not having a proper, open public indoor space, so there's not much other choice.

Any questions or concerns, and to confirm your attendance, you can either PM me, or go to the original thread here.

Sorry, guys! I was REALLY looking forward to this! I hope you'll be able to come next week.
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