Linds Ham. <3 (oxxcyanidexxo) wrote in egl,
Linds Ham. <3

New Fairy-Angel Site - Points Question for a new shopper?

Hi there!

I'm not new to the fashion by any means, but, I've never gotten around to shopping on Fairy-Angel. Now that they have an international site, I think I might give it a go despite some of the reviews I've read of the site in the past. So, here's my real question...

I've registered on the new site and I spent about an hour searching memories and entries here and also for some hint on the Fairy-Angel site... How do I use those 500 points sitting in my account? Are they used for some sort of discount?

I'm hoping that one of you lolis can give me an answer, I've been so curious as to how they work!

Tags: request: advice, request: information, store: fairy-angel
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