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QutieLand ordering difficulty


I want to order a couple of dresses and a petticoat from QutieLand. I E-Mailed QutieLand (before checking out or officially agreeing to buy) asking some questions about the ordering process and asking if I could get a headbow (made by the same brand as one of dresses I want) in a color to match that dress.

So, I sent that E-Mail about 6-7 days ago, and got no reply. I then double-checked that I was sending it to the right address (qcuteqcuteqcuteq@gmail.com ----I'm pretty sure that's right), and sent it again, a couple of days ago. No reply to that, either. I've always heard that QutieLand has great communication, so I was wondering if I'm doing something wrong.

So questions:

1. Does QutieLand simply ignore you if you haven't agreed to buy already?

2. Am I sending my questions to the wrong address?

3. Do you just have to wait a long time before they get back to you?

I've tried the 'chat' function on the QutieLand site, but I've never seen them on it.

Anyway, any help would be much appreciated!

Thank you!
Tags: request: advice, store: qutieland
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