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Hello Kitty Stuff @ Lougheed Mall~

For people who live in Canada, British Columbia... If you know where Lougheed Mall is, which is very easy to get to using skytrain, there's a cart inside the mall that's selling lots of Hello Kitty stuff. The cart is located where the food court is located. You can't miss it. Compared the Metrotown, and other malls, Lougheed is quite boring, and I don't really recommend coming over, but this Hello Kitty cart may just make a difference at the moment. I don't know how long this cart will be here. All I know it has only been here for about two days now.
What I had seen there, besides a few things that's not Hello Kitty, were earphones, cutlery & dishes, bags, school supplies, and some other things.. It was just filled with reds, whites, pinks, and blacks~
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