Catehime (catehime) wrote in egl,

Oh crap, a dyeing problem.

Yes, I dyed my brand. Yes, I know that's sooo crazy. Anyways. I decided my white meta LP jsk would look better blue. I'm talking aqua pool blue. Now, I used RIT dye, and it dyed within 5 minutes. I just about peed myself, because it's WAY too dark.

So my question is- how can I SAFELY get the color to be LIGHT blue? Should I fill the washer with some water and liquid bleach (possible spotchy), or get RIT color remover? (Only use half, and hope it works?) Suggestions welcomed. T__T

**EDIT** I did look at this entry about bleach/dye however, nothing about removing color that I screwed up.

*EDITEDIT* @ 11 pm

Ignore my doofy looking brother. This was before my mess occured. My phone is my camera (T_T;; )and that is PURE WHITE.

This was after the initial dye, and I was rinsing it like crazy with cold water.

This picture is about 4 hours later, after I used the RIT Color Remover, and did the full cycle as the box directed. It's about halfway to the color I want. I believe I'm going to get another box though.

Lesson learned: Always test a swatch and be careful about liquid RIT! Thank you everyone for helping!
Tags: discussion: altering brand, request: advice
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