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What I lolified... The Japanese Tea Ceremony

Sliding in after June 1st here, but I wanted to participate!

These pictures were taken a year ago, but posting them now for fun =D My friend Wendy (LJ-less) and I took a class at our university about the Japanese tea ceremony, called Chanoyu (or chado or sado XD). We thought it would be fun to lolify it since the tea ceremony is all about rules and propriety and somehow fits with lolita!

We aren't lifestyle lolitas in any way - this was just kind of an inside joke for us but maybe you can enjoy it too.

For those who are familiar with the Japanese tea ceremony or chanoyu, you can skip this part ;D When you hear "japanese tea ceremony" it brings to mind really silly images of people sitting around a teacup politely asking if you would like lemon or milk and delicately putting it in, but it's not like that at all! It's just a very formalized way of drinking powdered green tea (matcha). It's really complicated and difficult to master so we only had a taste of what it's like. You can find loads of videos on youtube of it but here's a clip from the Karate Kid 2 just because it's awesome XDD But the tea ceremony doesn't have anything to do with a confession of love lol

Since our tea master/professor was from the Urasenke school of tea, we did it in that style. There are 3 schools of tea ceremony and they do it a little differently. Using that name as a base, we named this photoshoot Lolisenke =D I'm sorry if there are some real pros out there - I may have gotten the order mixed up... and I'm omitting a lot.

We used Western (Alice themed) tea cups and teapots instead of Japanese ones, used a cute strawberry handkerchief instead of the usual plain red one, ate Western cookies instead of Japanese sweets (usually made with sweet red beans or mochi) and wore lolita instead of kimonos of course!

So onto the pics! I'm setting it up somewhat like an instructional tutorial. I am including the Japanese words for those who may be interested.


The Japanese Tea Ceremony - Lolified

Sit outside the tearoom and open the door.

Bow deeply.

Put your sensu (fan) forward into the room and scootch in. Japanese tea rooms have very small doors (nijiri-guchi) so you must bow down to enter. This was done deliberately to make all who enter the tea room equal.

Stand up, walk to an open spot, and take a seat on the floor. Make sure to curtsy on your way down ;)

Admire the seasonal art in the alcove (tokonoma) while you wait.

Here comes another guest.

Contemplate the meaning of the artwork and appreciate this special moment.

The host arrives.

She offers you tasty goodies which you humbly accept. But no eating yet!

She then brings in the tea utensils.

She removes her handkerchief (fukusa) from her belt and folds it carefully in a special way. She will use it to ritually purify the utensils.

She picks up the tea caddy (natsume) and wipes it with the handkerchief. She does the same to the tea scoop (chashaku).

Now she ritually cleans the tea whisk (chasen) by pouring some hot water into the tea bowl, whisking it,  and examining the tea whisk to make sure it is clean.

After pouring out the hot water into a receptacle, she purifies the tea bowl by wiping it with a small towel.

She then tells the guest they may have a tea sweet. But only one! Before taking a sweet, you must raise the plate up while bowing, then put the plate between yourself and the next guest, say "I apologize for going first" and bow deeply.

Then move the plate to be directly in front of you and take a sweet. Eat it. Then pass the plate to the next guest.

The host now makes your tea. She opens the tea caddy and uses the scoop to spoon out about 2 heaping scoopfuls of powdered tea. she then pours a small amount of hot water from the tea kettle into the tea bowl.

She whisks the crap out of it it vigorously until foam forms on top, spins the bowl until the main design faces you, and sets the bowl outside the tatami mat border.

Like with the plate of sweets, place the tea bowl between you and the next person and apologize for going first.

Raise up the bowl in front of you and bow.

Now turn the bowl about 2 1/2 times until the main design faces outward towards the host. It wouldn't be respectful to drink from the pretty side.

Now you can drink the tea. Try to finish it in 3 sips. It's quite bitter but try not to make a face. You might like it!

When you finish, you can examine the tea bowl. Most of the time they are very valuable or old and even have special names. Only look at them close to the floor though - you wouldn't want it to fall and break! This one is "Alice in Wonderland" found at the Disney Store in the mid-2000s....

You can now return the bowl to the host. She will clean the bowl with hot water and repeat the process for the remaining guests while your legs burn with incredible pain or fall asleep while you continue to sit seiza, Japanese style sitting on your legs.

When everyone has had tea, you let the host know it is fine to finish up. She re-cleans the bowl and whisk with hot water and purifies the other utensils with a handkerchief.

Your host removes all of the utensils on a tray and leaves. Everyone bows deeply. You can leave too, if you can feel your feet.

Now you can do the lolified Japanese tea ceremony! It was really simplified but still so many pics - thanks for looking!


Wendy: Mostly Bodyline, Meta socks
Me: Mostly BABY, handmade wrist cuffs & hair things

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