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International Lolita Day 2010 - Halifax version

Hello my fellow eglers! :]

Please don't shoot me if I'm doing this wrong but this is my first time posting in this group and I hope I am doing this right.

I know this is short notice for most people but for those of you who don't mind short notice then that's great.

To celebrate International Lolita Day on June 5th, a friend (Emma) and I are planning a meetup. I've already made a facebook event about it as well as posting on the Animaritime forums and the livejournal group Maritime Lolitas. But for those of you who don't use either one of those sites, I will post the details of it here.

When: Saturday, June 5th, 2010
Time: 12:30pm - 5:30pm
Where: Halifax Public Gardens. Meeting at the white bandstand.

There will be photo-shoots, drinks and snacks, games and just plain fun! :D

If you're not really into the Lolita scene then you can come check it out anyways.

I hope to see you all there! =)

If you need anymore details about it then feel free to email me at
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