flamingcupcakes (flamingcupcakes) wrote in egl,

Theme Post:: Loli-fied School Supplies!

Well, because I am a school-age lolita, I decided to decorate some of my school supplies this year. So, here they are!

First, My Hello Kitty Binder that I added lace and some rhinestones to. I use it as my french binder~

This is my "agenda" which the school gives to us. We are supposed to write what we have for homework in it, and it also functions as a hall pass. It's really just a stack of paper covered in card stock XD I decorated the back (shown here) and the front also, but the front has my full name on it ._. Inside of the little bubbles are song lyrics.

This is my pencil case, which I just kind of hot glued lace onto XD.

This is my desk organizer, which I thought was kind of loli..

And lastly (and least) My note card holder, which has a bunch of pansy flower stickers on it.

Thank you for looking, and I apologize for too small/big/blurry pictures!

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