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This year the summer Lolita day is on June 5th, and to commemorate it, there will be a picnic in Central Park.

In Shimotsuma Monogatari, Momoko dreamt of living a Rococo lifestyle, strolling in country fields, having servants waiting hand and foot, and doing nothing but sewing, tea, strolling and socializing all day.

For many, if not most or all of us, we shared the dream of a relaxing life away from our hectic or boring lives, away from whatever oppression or expectations that pressured us. If not, then there's no denial that Momoko's desire is only an example of the "life" that is our Lolita style.

This picnic is not only for old friends, but for new girls, with discussion to get to know each other, a variety of activities to enjoy, and of course food to share.

Since this will be a pretty laid-back gathering, I encourage everyone to go light with their clothing. With earth, greenery, and animals everywhere, the last thing you need are stains. Lolita Day has always been a nice, sunny, and hot day, so keep that in mind as well.

There are several special activities being planned for this gathering: [[Some activities have been changed]]

Picnic date moved to JUNE 12TH

1. SWAP MEET - Do you have an item that's been just hanging in your closet for months? A headbow that you lost love for, a pair of knee-highs you haven't touched? Whether you want to trade, sell, buy, just bring your unwanted lolita items and hopefully you'll go home with something better!

2. Scrapbooking - With Tokyo Rebel's help, I am starting a Lolita Day photobook to send to Misako Aoki~ I suggest bringing some supplies (scissors, glue (the stick is preferable, no rubber cement!) and whatever little pieces of paper, tissue, and other little embellishments you feel will help bring the book together :3 There will be a separate post about this soon with more details.

3.Apples to Apples - This lulzy game is pretty self-explanatory... for those who haven't played this card game, you'll definitely enjoy it. Since I'm using my own money to buy the supplies needed for the photobook, I won't be able to afford to buy Apples to Apples :< Sorryyy (however, if you own the game, you're more than welcome to bring it) xphosphorous is bringing hers. Hell yes.

4. Boat-riding @ The Lake - At some point we will go boat riding. Boats are $12 the first hour, for 4 people max. Or, if you wish to be more classy about it, there is also the option of a gondola tour ride ($30 for every half-hour; 6 people max can ride on the gondola, so with 6 people that would still be $12 an hour). Break out the parasol, bring your slave-- I mean boyfriend along and enjoy the scenery :D

4. Stroll through the Conservatory Gardens - Once we pack up the picnic area, it'll be time to break out the parasols, for the good ol' relaxing stroll through the Conservatory Gardens.

There are other plans as well, (e.x. Icebreaker games for newbies and regulars alike, possibly scrapbooking) but are not confirmed. Once I make any updates to the activities, I will let everyone know A.S.A.P.

Pets, buddies and boyfriends are welcome, though it is important to RSVP for food arrangements.


I'm still hoping for some more people to volunteer to make food~ if you're interested let me know! I'm still looking for savory food, but also drinks and stuff. Making sweets is nice, but too much of it will make you sick, and isn't really filling. If you are willing to make food for approximately a max of 12-15 people, let me know!

Those on the list, if you haven't said what you're gonna make -specifically-, let me know so I can make note of it!

Current Food list:
childdoll -- Ambrosia Salad
xphosphorous -- rugelach
palantiriell -- fruit and/or veggie + dip tray
bloodywaffles -- steamed buns/pastries, sandwiches
dokidokideux -- salad
communistmuffin -- kimchi/tuna kimbap, beef/pork gyoza
curly_b -- fruit tart
rose_n_carousel -- peppered pork tenderloin with fresh peach relish, prosciutto-wrapped chicken and Parmesan cheese, on french bread. + maybe beef skewers
sallysweetheart -- ham- and turkey-cheese sandwiches
dokidokideux -- macaroni or potato salad
lightasair233 Vanilla cupcakes

While some can make really good treats, not everyone is an excellent cook; so depending on the circumstances, if you would like to bring supplies (e.x. ingredients to make sandwiches), or give money to support those who will actually be making food, let me know as well~ that would be a great help. Also, the small food platters found in supermarkets are fine as well.

Date: June 12th 2010
Meeting place: To be announced.
Dress Code?: [Optional] Something nice and light and comfortable. Every Lolita day for the past 3 years has been very hot and sunny, so the last thing that anyone would want is for you to sweat the mess out of your clothes, or grass stains. Comfortable shoes are a must since we'll be in the park.

Extra notes:

-I advise everyone to bring a blanket to sit on. I suggest buying a shower curtain or a plastic table cover so you don't mess up thinner blankets (and in case of mud-- so that it doesn't go through).


So far, the forecast is predicting that it is going to rain/thunderstorm for a bit on Saturday. Since most of this week cleared up, I'm only hoping that Saturday is going to clear up too, or at least rain in the morning/late at night. But if it doesn't, there are two options...

1- Move the picnic to the Saturday after, June 12th.
2 - Move the picnic to this Sunday, June 6th (if that days manages to clear up).

There will be no alternative activities for June 5th, since there aren't any free public spaces in New York City where we can sit, eat our food, and do our own activities.

If it does end up being moved to Sunday, I must take note that I wish to sit everyone a bit away from the Japan Day area. Chances are, the shaded spaces will be taken, and it will feel more comfortable being away from unwanted crowds. As far as I've heard, there will be a TFFNY fashion show, and free food and activities, so the sitting area won't be too far off. I just don't want to sit in that area xD This is in case anyone wants to go enjoy the activities for a bit.

I'm also aware that some people may not be available to meet on Sunday opposed to Saturday, and vice-versa, so please note whether you're able to come on either day, or both.

Right now I'm looking for my RSVPs, I have the tentative guest list, but now I'm looking for those who will -DEFINITELY- be there Saturday, and those who are still unsure, so I can get a more accurate headcount.

Anyways, I hope to see you there~ ♪

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