wabbie_chan (wabbie_chan) wrote in egl,

Hello everyone! ^-^

I have a question that I hope doesn't sound really silly. I searched the memories and couldn't find something related so...

The lolita group of my city is going to organize a meeting in a restaurant one of these days or next month. It is going to be either a Japanese or a Korean one.
Anyway I know for a fact that many girls in my group own Wa-Lolita outfits and that it seems appealing and natural to them to be wearing them in an occasion like this.
I am concerned that maybe (if we end up in the japanese one) the Japanese people that work there might get offended since the yukata is a part of their cultural heritage. After all not every japanese person knows about Lolita and maybe it would look weird to be wearing a modified, knee length yukata to them. 
So, does any of you know something on that matter or have an experience of that sorts? Because if something like this is true, I would like to know so as to advice them against wearing it. After all, as one of the hostesses I wouldn't like our nice meeting to be spoiled.

Thank you very much and my apologies if the question sounds weird/pointless.

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