ubemelon (ubemelon) wrote in egl,

Mini-theme post

More like cute-ified rather than lolified, but lovers of sweet things might like this.

What have I lolified?

Frustrated with not being able to find a cute cover for my TI N-Spire CAS, I decided to decorate it myself. The pink stuff is actually the foil from gum wrappers. You can do this with most plastic surfaces. I did my friend's phone with black and electric blue and added bat stickers, so this trick could transcend any style. Five gum works best and has the most colors, just peel the foil from the wax paper (it takes some practice) and smooth it on with the flat part of your fingernail. Don't scrape it with the tip though, it'll peel off. You can put clear tape over it or seal it with a varnish if you want so it lasts an extra long time. It just scrapes off too, without leaving a sticky substance on whatever you apply it to. It's addicting.

As a proud AP chemistry/AP physics student, I needed to make laboratory time cute.

I think I succeeded

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