HeadlessDoves (headlessdoves) wrote in egl,

Summertime Aristocrat

I've been lurking here for a long time and I've finally thought of something relevant to post X3

As many of us know, it's getting closer to summer and as one who doesn't do well in hot weather, this is not a good thing. I have a few Lolita outfits I've made, but I much prefer EGA. Problem is, I can't really wear any of my EGA outfits when it's 85° outside. I was wondering if anyone had ideas for outfits that would work well in summer but still fit into the aristocrat aesthetic. I'm not sure what to do since it's mostly made up of LONG coats and LONG skirts or pants. I'm planning on making a pair of knee-length bloomers and knickerbockers...but that's about it.

Thanks :3
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