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Going to Cali and Fashion Question what to wear to the baby store?

I was hoping some Californian Lolita could tell me some fun Lolita places in the San Francisco and Hollywood areas. Me and may mother are going June 30th to July 10th (For my 18th b-day and High school Graduation!). She and I both love tea and I would love some Lolita time.
-Thank you!

Also I am planing to go to the BTSSB store and sadly I do not own any Baby dresses or ect. I have Baby socks and a Baby bunnybear bag. I am not sure what to wear to the store, it is alright to wear AP to the bay store am I being crazy worrying about this? Even so what do you girls think here are my outfits.

AP Fruit parlor (PinkXRed) + AP light pink top + Baby logo WhiteXPink striped socks

Vivcore:Light blue set JSK X offbrand blue head peice or cake hat + baby logo BlueXWhite striped socks

BodyLine Black OP with white and cake print.X Cake hat X pink and white Baby logo socks.

Offbrand RedXwhite gingham OP X cake hat X pink and white baby logo socks

light blue chocolate chip cookie JSL X  Matching head bow or cake hat X pink or blue baby logo socks /24540_1312639169403_1033363355_30731010_7561740_n.jpg

All with my Bunny bearWhat do you think?  PLEASE HELP!

PS Do you know any good Punk Plus sized lolita stores?


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