Astrosnik/Potomus (astrosnik) wrote in egl,

review of Leif & Gardenberries, Rabbit and Crochet series

Items ordered: 2 skirts (one Milk tea, one Night), 1 headbow (Milk)

Packaging: 10/10
Skirts were safely packed into a nice-sized box with several layers of plasticwrap; headbow was tucked into the middle. A handwritten note from Lief inside.

Price: 10/10
skirts- $90US each, headbow $20
I was expecting to pay more sheerly for the quality and complexity of the print, but all the little detail made these pieces sublime. The fabric itself feels like a high-quality cotton (or blend) sateen, the print is very clear and vibrant on both colourways. Careful attention was paid to cutting the fabric, and both skirts had the print centered exactly the same. Pleats are crisp and even, the lining is basic. A gorgeous metal button at the waist, and the lace trim is just so pretty! Belt-loops and a wide satin ribbon belt.
The headbow design wasn't even decided when I ordered. It ended up being a plastic headband with two layers of crocheted lace to cover it completely (so it looks very nice). Then several round crocheted doilies were added to mimic the print, and a lace ruffle topped with the crocheted rabbit design. The headband doesn't fit especially well (it sit back further on the head and would be more suited with a puffier hairstyle), and I'm more of a bow-person myself so as much of a shame it would be, I'm considering deconstructing the headband and converting the pieces into a fabric headpiece.

Communication: 5/10
Good communication confirming my order, asking for clarification on my shipping choices and the invoicing, then nothing until the parcel arrived. Lief did post on EGL with a photoshoot during the GO process, and then an update on the delays but this seemed prompted by queries to her earlier posts. That said, I honestly didn't expect any other mail except perhaps a shipping notice, so this didn't bother me whatsoever. I do know that custom printing is often fraught with errors and time delays.

Quality: 10/10
I can't even describe how absolutely gorgeous these pieces are. I think I mentioned most of the details above! I had no issues with the fabric, sewing or details. I was quite pleased that each colourway was differently coloured, not just reprinted on another fabric. The fabric is nicely sturdy and the partially-elastic waist sits very comfortably. As with many pleated skirts, I find a low-puff petticoat suits this nicely.
Overall I would absolutely order from her or this collaboration again, keeping in mind that the timeframe is probably a fairly gross estimation.
Tags: *lief/mew, review product: headwear, review product: skirts

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